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It is exam season once again. Many of my peers are now doing their GCSE’s, A-Levels, and other tests during this time period. Wooooo. I actually have an exam tomorrow (Don’t worry, I wrote this post ages ago, I’ve been hoarding it until today). I am sharing some words of wisdom amongst those currently in a pool of sweat, stress and anxiety. Here are my 5 tips!

TIP 1: Disregard whatever your Head of Year/Headteacher/Dalek Supreme says

Here we go…’YOU WILL HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE, YOU MUST DEDICATE ALL YOUR TIME TO REVISION, REVISION, AND REVISION’. Look, that simply is not going to work for us, is it? We’re already worried as it is. Yes, you need to revise to jog your memory of the things you forgot when you did them at the start of the year, but you need to get a decent amount of sleep, go poop, and maintain a healthy diet. Don’t be fuelling yourself with Red Bull at 1am to get through Chapter six of that Biology book. That will actually disadvantage you.

TIP 2: Pick somewhere to revise where you feel comfortable

If you don’t revise well in a classroom setting, then find somewhere where you feel most comfortable. I revise in my room, because it is the most comfortable place for me; granted that there’s no teachers and probably lots more distractions than in your school or college, but it is less stressful. I can revise for a while, walk away if need be, and take a nap should I need to. If your house ain’t good, try a library, or your common room, or anywhere quiet.

TIP 3: Don’t go over the whole book

Commonly, people will panic and go over the entire textbook in order to cram as much of their subject that they have learned over the 7-8 month period in their head, to no avail. Look, you should only revise either what your teacher thinks will come up, or what you are unsure on. If you are still unsure, ask a teacher. If your teacher has after school revision, and you can go, then go. No point looking yourself in your perfect working environment only to fail at revision.


Strange one. Whenever you revise, have something with a strong taste in your mouth, usually mints like POLO’s. When you do your test, have some POLO’s. By sucking on each mint, it will help you recall what you know, and will help you through your exam. If you do not like POLO’s, then find the sweet that fits you.

TIP 5: Revise with friends

More often than not, if you find yourself an expert in one aspect of a topic, someone may struggle on that aspect. Revising with friends not only helps you with the topic, but it also gets rid of the stress. If you’re stressed, you can open up, share some morale boosting words, and come out with a sense of ‘I’m gonna do it’. Also, it’s an excuse to have friends over, and that is pretty good.

Good luck, everyone. I wish you all the best, follow some of my advice, and that should steer you in the right direction. Good luck.

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