A 2in1: A Clockwork Orange and The Future


I have a friend called Jordan, whose a year younger than me. We do have similar tastes, and I was with him tonight., and we’ve both recently watched A clockwork orange, and we talked about technology. Two separate things, but who cares?

1. A Clockwork Orange.

I watched the film today, as I saw it was on Sky Atlantic, wanted to see it as I knew it was banned, I am a sociologist, and I know a good story when I see one. I was alone today so no younger brothers or parents could see it (though my dad did watch a bit the other night, got bored and watched Hannibal). Long story short, I really enjoyed it, but there were bits I disliked, but not for some of the reasons you may think.

I see why it was banned, there was a lot of violence, and naked ladies (actually, naked, no back shots, or knickers) and it was criticising 70’s society. I can see why it was banned, as it (in my opinion criticised a lot of things about the way the Government worked in the 60’s/70’s, when everyone was much more conservative. At the time the film was made, there were a lot of bad characters: Druggies, hippies, and subcultures that people just didn’t like, and wanted off the streets as they were scared of their antics. It was a god fearing society back then, everyone who wasn’t a law abiding citizen who followed traditional roles were labelled as trouble.

After watching it, I had a Facebook discussion with my Uncle, and what we got out of the film were the same opinions. What he wrote about the themes and message of the film ‘Alex is a heavy-handed mix of things to show that no one is wholly one thing. He does the sex & drugs thing, but to show he is cultured too there’s the whole classical music thing. When they cure him of the sex & drugs, they cure him of music too. So, there’s some message about passion going on, but as they need to make the differences clear, the other droogs are all a bit one note. don’t some of them end up police or something, it’s been ages since I sat through the whole film, I don’t think you’d been born in fact.’ I can see where my uncle is coming from, and he probably worded it better than me. My views are that what I saw a few themes. I believe the main theme was a deformed, exaggerated critical analysis of 70’s culture of drugs, free love and subcultures. Alex and the droogs are the youth, who do the drugs, partake in violent acts and don’t follow the social rules and norms of their family’s society. The people who ‘cure him’ are a negative stereotype of 70’s politics and organisations: the man. The man is god fearing, and very VERY conservative, who want everyone to follow traditional norms, going to extreme lengths, The Ludovico Technique, to make these ‘wicked youths’ follow the rules of their society. And I suppose that’s what I mean about ‘the man’. Alex DeLarge follows his own culture (with sex, violence, and Beethoven), the more conservative people do not like this, so they want to make him ‘normal’, but fail.

But enough about Sociological analysis, what did I think of it as a film. I thought it was a pretty faithful adaption of the novel of which it was based, though there were a few things changed around. I liked the majority of the film, a strongly structured 3 act plot, really good acting, and a moral. I love morals. There were bits I really like, and NO, I didn’t watch it for the violence, what I liked the way they treat Alex once he is released. The way the lodger treats him, the way his former friends attacked him, and the revenge of the man he assaulted at the start of the film with his wife, which eventually leads to him going back to his old mentality, which you want but then you think ‘Oh crap, he’s back’. Other bits I liked was the soundtrack, which really suited the film, and the first act, showing Alex at his best (or worst. The only bot I disliked was the start of the bits in the hospital, why was the doctor and the nurse ‘having relations’ when he was coming round. Ahh well, it picks up when he wakes up and kicks his visiting parents out of the ward.

Im giving this film 4 stars, I’d give it 5*, It is an excellent, film, one of Kubrick’s best, but I don’t feel it’s one to be part of the exclusive 5 star club of films I have watched. But I feel it’s so unique that one would have to put it in it’s own catagory. So I rate it a 4* with special commendation for being a truly, almost flawless, look into 70’s society. If you excuse me, I am going to get a glass of milk…

2. Bit’s of tech I want to see in my lifetime

In another conversation I had that same day, I asked Jordan about what Technology he’d like to see made (we were walking alone in the middle of Whiston). Here’s some things that I was discussing:

1. Apple doing video games

I think that they are pretty much doing that on their existing products, but I would love to see what Apple would do if they did a video game console. I think, however, it would be cloud gaming, they’d have a device that fitted to your TV with lots of internal memory, with games downloaded from Itunes, with the controller being an Ipod, and IPhone or an IPad. I would call it the Ixp, and make it a white cube, with a silver apple logo, or a black model, and it connects to the internet, and an Apple product, and one can download games off Itunes onto the Ixp.

2. The Intranet

We’re going thare, I would love to see a wireless chip installed inside our bodies, and when we want to access information, we can connect via router to a virtual reality of information, and do what we do on our PC’s, with our heads. It will make things like Facebook and Twitter so much more Awesome, you could actually talk to people from around the world, on some form of avatar. You could have a mind controlled playlist, and schools could lock you off the social networking things, and you could have virtual lessons after hours!

3. Short distance teleportors

I feel short distance is the best for a few reasons. We need to look after ourselves, and just teleporting straight home eliminates walking, so I would make a device which transports you a certain distance, which depends on the battery percentage. I feel that this could be useful for busy commuters, who could be running to a train station when their train is 2 minutes from departing, one could teleport to the station from where they are, or very close to the station and have better chance of getting to the station.

4. Embryo enhancement

This one is the least likely thing to happen, but I think when the religions stop moaning and everyone is at harmony in the eventual completion of secularisation, we will develop treatments for couples to have babies with enhanced abilities. The eventual plan being that these humans will pass down these to future humans, and it will be the final evolution of man. These enhancements would not mean a superman like hero sadly (though I’d love that, personally), perhaps a superior immune system, a decreasing likelihood of genetic diseases, and maybe even increased durability (lifespans of 120 years!). However, if I was smarter and could do this, I would not allow preferred genes of fitness, intelligence or appearance, as that is playing god. The goal isn’t to make a master race, but a race of Humans who will survive post 2050.

Thanks for reading my longest blog ever, shorter ones will appear soonish!

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