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Hello friends. I am out of college, I get two weeks off now, well not really, I wasn’t in today because I was ‘ill’ so missed the quiz and the carol service. But by no means was it a day just to stay at home in my PJ’s watching clips on You Tube. Far from it. And, in a Ben Johnson style blog post, I will explain my day in meticulous detail.

I woke up around 6ish, as I heard my dad leave to go to work. Since I am usually in college at weird times, my sleeping pattern has been somewhat erratic. I woke up properly once my mother and younger brother left the house, as Sam is still in school. I stayed in bed for a while, using my Nexus to check my twitter and Facebook.

I got out of bed soon after my mother returned, and I went downstairs, Nexus 7 in hand, and watching the BBC News, until that ended five minutes after. For breakfast, I had corn flakes with a medium sized glass of Apple juice. I then opened my advent calenders, I have 3, and they perfectly describe they vary in quality. There’s my Simpsons one, which is crap, my TMNT one, which has better chocolate, and my M&S calender, which is the best. I have it in that order, crap to good. I got dressed soon after, while Jeremy Kyle was still on ITV. I admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I rang the school to inform them I wouldn’t be in, and got ready.

We first drove to the Rainhill YMCA, to give some books and videos to charity. They don’t accept the videos anymore, which isn’t surprising, my Grandad still has a video recorder, but we don’t, and I am sure many people don’t have one anymore either. So the videos went to the local tip, which is quite sad really, you’d think someone would want to use them, but with everything now digital, it is obsolete. We then drove to St Helens, me and my Mother. If you ever find yourself in St Helens, or the surrounding area, there are many colourful looking characters. We went around a few shops, I got my Fancy shirt for Christmas, I posted a picture of it on my instagram, and it’s a damn fine shirt. We went to Tesco to get some printer ink, half the price of what it would have been in Rymans. Bloody crooks.

We then made it to the Black Horse, a local pub/restaurant for my Lunch. Don’t tell Sam, he doesn’t know. I had a steak and chips, and as ever, it was very nice. We returned home, and I opened my small box of Lindor chocolates which were given to me by my German teacher. I had two, and gave my brother two, because I am a nice brother, when he came home from school. I then spent the rest of my day on the computer facebookless. I don’t know why, as all the other websites I was on, You Tube included. It works now. I rang my Grandad a while ago, after s’tenders, and now I am listening to Jimi Hendrix.

And that has been my day, from 9ish, to ten to ten. I doubt much will happen for the rest of today, except me sleeping. Goodbye, more cultural Christmas soon.

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