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Aware of the lack of posts I have been making, I would love to share some of my poetry with you, like I have done in the past. I have written a lot of poetry, so in small bits, I will be sharing some. Today’s poem is an early and pretty bizzare one. I don’t even remember why I wrote it, but here it is, anyway.

King of the Ants

Run, my children
Run for your lives
The king of the Ants is here
You must hide
His face deformed
His legs spiked
Such a monstrous form
Morbid delight
My children aren’t safe
From the King. All hail him.
He is our master
He is our saviour
From the Nuclear fallout
To the loss of our crops
The King of the Ants has been our master
Watching over us.
He crawls to you.
with haste and speed
And he looks with those beady eyes
He clicks his mandables.
The ants, they crawl
All over me
I am disowned
From their community
Hundreds. Thousands. Millions
All over me
Mandibles dig into my flesh
Through my nose and my ears
I scream to no avail
The king’s word is final
He feast on me
Like many others before
Many a human
Suffered in vain
Building his castles
Sleeping in hoards
Living in desolation.
We fed on our old
We torture our young
For the favour of our king
He saved us for his gain
He and the ants
Ruled over us 100’s of years
The sun sets on my life.
As the breaths leave my body
I am all calm
As they devour me
I am free.
My king no longer.
I am a man.
Condemned, Dying, free
You can’t stop me
My King no more
Nevermore. The chains loosened
You freed me from my shackles
My soul is free
I see the bodies work on the castle
As I fly to a greater realm
Your time will come
When man has truly won.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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