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I have written a new book, and I would like to briefly talk about it, promote it, and explain it. It’s called ‘A Remarkable Journey’, and it has been in the works for a while.

The Book

Firstly: it is another poetry book. ARJ isn’t a collection, like ‘The Internal Monologue’, it has been planned from the ground up. It has over 70 poems, all of them written for the book.

Secondly, it has a narrative.‘A Remarkable Journey’ is the tale of a young man who, after being away from home for seven years, is travelling from Penzance to Liverpool by train, and his close encounters with emotional trauma, colourful characters, and imagining lives for people. Its got a fair share of funny poems and serious ones too.

Thirdly, ‘A Remarkable Journey’, as a story, is not self-contained. With 5 chapters, that contain a certain theme. The poems themselves flow, with each poem either being thematically linked or part of a wider poem. The first chapter features a poem over 7 separate modules. You can imagine the pain that was to organise.

The Inspiration

So, why did I want to write this book? Basically, because someone annoyed me online. Poetry is a low form of art. While I disagree, it did get me thinking: How far can I push it? How far can poetry go? How far can I take this idea? The train theme had been kicking around for a while, so I thought why not? It is a novel concept, let’s do something with it.

Purchase ‘A Remarkable Journey’

The book costs £6 and comes with an extra ‘making of’ chapter for those who bought the physical copy. The E-Book does not include the extra chapter but comes in at £2. It is available in America for $7.28, or $2.99 for the E-Book. You can also buy it in Germany, France, Japan, and most other countries.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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