A Very Bowie Christmas: Dec 15th


Let’s Dance is a very weird album. You listen to Scary Monsters and you then listen to this album, it is completely different, musically, stylistically, it is completely different. The only way you’d know its a Bowie album is that his picture is on the cover.


Honourable Mentions: Let’s Dance, China Girl

Let’s Dance is not a rock album, it is a dance album. But that said, do I like it? I don’t have a strong opinion either way, really. It’s a mixed bag of stuff. That being said, to make a completely different album after making a series of albums that had the sound continuously evolving and changing is a pretty commendable thing to do. Sales wise, this album did very well, especially in America. Nile Rodgers; while not someone I listen to, did a great job producing the album. David Bowie did a good job singing on this album, playing no instruments.

Modern Love is the best song on this album, as it mixes a lot of genres and ideas. Dance, rock, gospel, blues, it is a hybrid of sounds that work very well together and is a great tune that one would perhaps play in a party. For introducing a new sound, it is a good song to get the die-hard fans who gave the music a chance into the new sound. That being said though, I would call it a good song, but not a great song. It doesn’t quite appeal to me in the way previous choices have. That being said, I didn’t hate it, I enjoyed it.

I couldn’t say that I enjoyed the rest of the album. The first three songs are perhaps the best songs on this album, with a lot of the rest being album tracks which really leave me feeling dissatisfied. That being said, this album sold a lot of copies to casual music fans, and really was influential in making David Bowie exceptionally popular in America. This album was made for that, and it did a good job, but it did too good a job, as the next two albums I will discuss really are not good.

All in all, Modern Love is good, but it is a diamond in the rough. I would not recommend Let’s Dance to rock fans, but I would to people who like dance music, you will really enjoy it.

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