A Very Bowie Christmas: Dec 4th


After the release of The Man who Sold the World, it seemed that David Bowie had finally found his sound as an outrageous glam rock artist, and from the third album onwards, he’d continue to refine the sound.


Honourable mention: The Bewlay Brothers

Hunky Dory is a brilliant album, and one of my personal favourite David Bowie albums, which makes choosing my favourite song from the album quite hard. I have to give an honourable mention to The Bewlay Brothers, which is at least technically on par with my actual choice of Kooks. Kooks is the quintessential song for outsiders, loners, and people in subcultures. The story behind this song is undeniably sweet. It was written about for his son for when he was born.

The sound of this song is a great example of the music on this album, it is a perfect balance of softer pop tunes that featured in Bowie’s earlier albums, and an art-rock edge that appeared in the album immediately precedingĀ it. I particularly love the opening guitar at the very start and the generally cheerful vibe that the song gives. It really is a happy song, and it is a great song.

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