A Very Bowie Christmas: Dec 6th


Ziggy Stardust was a financial and critical beast. Everyone loved it, and still love it. His follow up had a lot of obstacles to overcome after raising the bar with Ziggy Stardust.


Aladdin Sane, in many ways, feels like it should have been released before The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It is a good, solid album, and it has a similar sound to its predecessor, but it falls short of reaching the highs of its older brother. Despite that, the highs of this album are still very high, and the album is very good. The music still maintains the glam rock sensibilities of Ziggy, but it adds to it, with elements of Jazz and Cabaret.

Time is an example of the latter, art rock meets cabaret. The piano in this song gives the song an almost burlesque feel, and the lyrics add to that, with references to masturbation and drugs and alcohol. It feels like a vulgar song which you should be offended by, but instead, find yourself revelling in it. I love Time, because it is just a great evolution of the sound that Bowie cultivated.

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