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Before I originally started the blog, my main interest was having my own website. Back in the mid-2000s, one of the ways you could do this was by creating a Piczo account. Piczo was like the Tumblr of its day, and I learned about through my three cousins. I started my first Piczo website and called it ‘Revalution 1001’ because the name sounded cool.

The website was made and maintained by me as an 8-year-old, so there was no original content. From memory, most of the website was made up of GIFs, random phrases, and this epic Matrix-esque live wallpaper.

In 2012, I was 15 years of age, and became interested in making my own blog. The origin of If you ask me was from an AQA English Language GCSE Paper I took. The question asked you to come up with a blog entry for an advice blog. It was not long after that I started If you ask me.

If you ask me: 2012-2018

Old Website
If you Ask Me, as it was in 2018

If you ask me first started on the 3rd of July 2012, on the web domain electrocafe97.wordpress.com. The initial posts that I published were themed around my life. Early posts revolved around my day, and things I did and were meant to be like diary entries. The first break I made from that was a post I wrote about how wearing different colours affect your mood.

In 2012, I also set up a sister website featuring some creative writing. I have since moved my creative writing to this blog. Between 2013 and 2014, the writing style and topics I discussed widened. Initially, this was based on video bloggers that were popular on YouTube at the time.

This changed in 2013, when my first Track by Track post was written, where I discussed Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. In 2014, I wrote my first Raise the Steaks review, where I reviewed different pubs based on their steak.

Despite being a passion project, Some posts got more recognised. My obituary to the Café Red, Advancing Through Autism, and Anxiety posts got a lot of recognition from people. I also got offers to write for websites, such as My Trending Stories, and run a political forum.

If you ask Ben: 2018-

Since 2012, If you ask me has run on a service called WordPress. WordPress has two main websites. There’s the free WordPress.com (ran by Automattic), that Ifyame.wordpress.com was hosted on, and there is WordPress.org, which is a online-software-based service that is used to manage websites. Between 2012-2018, If you Ask me posts were hosted on the free wordpress website.

In 2018, Neil Doherty helped build a new, purpose built, website to host If you ask me posts. Due to the change, I bought a new website domain, and now the website is known as If you Ask Ben. The new website officially launched in September 2018. If you ask Ben hosts all If you ask me posts, as well as new content.

In 2018, a new sister website was launched on the old WordPress called ‘A Bright Shot’, hosting pictures that I have taken using my camera. This project is currently on hiatus, however. In spite of my side projects, my main focus continues to be If you ask Ben, and I still write new posts to this day.

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Ben Attwood

Personal Life

My full name is Benjamin Lewis Attwood. I was born on the 8th of April 1997 in Whiston. I have lived in Whiston all my life, with my Mother and Father. This changed in 2004, when my younger brother, Sam, was born.

I am a registered member of the Labour Party, and I work as a supply teacher for a number of agencies, with experience in teaching History and Politics. I currently am in a relationship with a girl who makes me very happy.


Outside of writing If you Ask Ben, my hobbies include writing poetry. This allowed me to publish two books of my own work. Titled ‘The Internal Monologue’, and ‘A Remarkable Journey’, they were released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. I enjoy photography, and have exhibited work on various websites, and had one of my photos featured in a gallery. I collect coins and LP Records, which I enjoy to play on my personal hi-fi. When I have time, I also enjoy building LEGO, as well as baking, and discussing politics with people.




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