Advancing Through Autism: Change


Changes can suck.

Alright, I’m not being totally fair to the overall concept of change. Change, to you and me, is something that becomes different in one way or another. Altering a recipe, a new name for a pre-existing thing, reboots. Its all a form of change. And frankly, a lot of it is for the better. But lately, I feel that change has been happening, and I’ve not been told about it, or given the time to cope with it.

Do we need change in our lives? Absolutely. My girlfriend says I’m a boring old biddy, because I play a lot of stuff safe. Foods I eat, things I do, or things I don’t do. I am pretty conservative, when it comes to things in my life. That isn’t because I hate new things, as there are new things I’d love to try. My distrust comes from the sense that a concept is alien to me, and can potentially make alterations to me that I won’t like.

There’s a lot of stuff that I have resisted, because I didn’t like it. An example is when they changed the flavour of 7 Up. I was mad enough to buy 7 Up from the University Subway, as they still had the old recipe. That is how mad I was, and how much of a hold out I was. They changed the recipe in 2016, and I held on until March 2017. Not because I wanted to, but the drinks would have gone out of date.

When it comes to change, I have suggested that it makes me shudder and that I do not like it whatsoever. That’s not necessarily true. Change is good when it is necessary, and can bring improvements. I would love to embrace it all, but it isn’t in my nature. This is partially down to my autism. Routine is a big struggle, and its something I am still working on.

The best way I handle change is to research it. Find out what it is going to entail, and what alterations that I have to make. If you’re going to travel somewhere, but a train is cancelled, find out how to get there by bus (assuming there aren’t rail replacement buses). Some people will struggle more with the concept, so the best way to handle that is to describe the change, show what is going to happen, and explain when it will happen, if you can.

Change is a struggle for people, including myself. Maybe we need to be more considerate of the uprooting that it will entail. But we must also accept the necessity of change. It has to happen.

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