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Humanity never fails to amaze me. We as a race are equally as clever as we are utterly, utterly stupid. We really can be a mixed bag, which is good on the whole. I would certainly hate to live in a world where we were all either clever or stupid, and no mix.

But still, it does suck when there are real living rational people in this world, who have to breathe the same air as morons. And that sets the state for today’s post. Today was an interesting day in my eyes, the day being the 28th of October 2016. It all started quite well when I woke up and got ready to come into University. I was on track to make the bus when I needed to do something before I travelled to University. After waiting some time to do what I needed to, I dashed to the bus station, and I made it with about 5 minutes to spare.

The day continued on reasonably. I got the bus, I bought the last croissant from the Uni tuck shop, I found a part of my lecture room which had a spotty, but serviceable, Wi-Fi signal to get learning materials from. And check Facebook. And here is our first case of stupid for the day. I received an email saying that my iTunes account had been charged 25 pounds for a Rhianna and Drake album. For the record, I’m not a fan of either artist. Im sure they’re fine people, but I dislike their music.

On closer inspection, I suspected this email was a scam. And it was. I emailed apple support and they confirmed it. I never clicked on the links those buggers sent me, but if I did, I’d probably have lost a lot of money. I didn’t though.

The second incident occurred later in the day, about 4pm. I was on the bus going back from University, and there was a big kerfuffle near the bus station. To break it down, this was rush hour, on the A570 (also known as St. Helens Road), there were two ambulances trying to get through, and a bus full of half tired and cranky students. This experience was memorable because the bus driver was riding up against the pavement on this congested road (which had cars parked outside of houses and businesses, mind you), and was beeping his horn. This was really an atypical bus journey for me, as I have never seen the road that mad.

In short, the human race confuses me in its seemingly clever and stupid balance, almost like a yin and yang. But then again, I suppose too much of one thing is a bad thing in itself. But at least it was an interesting day. It did get me to write a blog post after all.

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