It has been rude of me not to talk about the holidays i have had recently. I had a week off for half term, so i think i shall tell you about my holidays in this entry.

Nothing but Homework.Seriously.

The holiday has not been fun filled as my mother has had to work all holidays, so i couldn’t do much but INSANE AMOUNTS OF HOMEWORK! This homework included:

2 maths work things: one couldn’t be completed due to my lack of number knowing.

1 English booklet: Lots of questions, something to annotate and poetry comparison

1 Science questions: to be completed

1 German Revision: Doing that

1 PE: Done that.I think.

So i am a little bit annoyed and saddened with the school.I can understand that it was only coincidence that brought all these homeworks upon me, i am Year 11 so i have a lot to do, and i have a week to do them.But if they want us to be relaxed over the holidays, then the teachers, in my opinion have failed the pupils.Some revision i can tolerate, but an English booklet.Come on.

I am not rested, in fact i think i’m still overworked, and that the rest of my year have recieved similar homeworks so  one can safely assume everyone else is overworked.Key word ‘assumed’.I got 2 Postcards of praise as well.I feel so appreciated for my commitment and hard work.

More from me soon guys 🙂


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