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I’ve been back in University for a few weeks now, and as I write this post I can say Im finally back in the swing of things. But I wanted to write a short blog post encapsulating my feelings about coming back, and my perspectives on university a year on.

I think the main thing that I have had since coming back is more confidence. I had a lot of problems in my first year, exacerbated with Anxiety, and the general not knowing who people were, or where things are, and different expectations that were had on me. Not to say first year was awful, far from it, but confidence is one of the main things that I have gained in my time away, and that shows in my work. Im not nearly as nervous about going in, I know where things and people are and I know what’s expected on me. And knowing the people I do know means im a lot more confident.

What I missed about being in Sixth form or High school was being that seasoned person who was also there to help people who didn’t know what they needed to do. Now I am in my Second Year, I am once again the guy who knows his trade, and can offer advice and help to any Freshers that need it or want it. And Im a heck lot more confident in my abilities in other areas, which really is a turnaround from the beginning of the summer.

Don’t get me wrong, there certainly are raised expectations this year, and I would like to think that I have taken a bigger effort in working, as well as trying to socialise with people more. Heck, maybe I’ll get around to finding a girlfriend. Or boyfriend. No, girlfriend. I certainly see a complete turnaround in my life from first year. While enjoyable, I had a lot of demons to confront. But I’ve confronted and put some of them to sleep.

If I could put a theme to last year, academically and personally, I’d say September to May was like the David Bowie’s Low. I had hit rock bottom, and I was experimenting with a new lifestyle and new experiences, hampered by my personal problems. So far, this year is turning into my ‘Heroes’. A lot more experimentation, but a lot less troubled, a lot more normal compared to my first year, and a lot more healthy, in terms of my mental wellbeing. Hope you are all having a great time back in, or in starting University.

If I could offer advice having trouble getting into Uni life, I won’t lie, it is hard. You lived through 7 years of pleasing the standards set by exam boards and schools, you had friends and family near you most days, and that is gone. But you don’t do things because they’re easy, you do them because they challenge the status quo. Challenge your Status quo, and you will get into life a lot easier.

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