Hello all, i am still alive. It surprised me that i survived it really. It wasn’t that bad for a suicide mission.As a Whistonian i am considered ‘scouse’ so, how would the people of  MANCHESTER react to SCOUSERS being in their town?The answer will surprise you.

For those of you who don’t live in my country or nowhere near Liverpool or Manchester, from what i understand, the people of those cities have a sort of rivalry, stemming from the football teams (Liverpool Football club fans hate Manchester United, and vice versa).Although i live closer to Liverpool, i don’t sound at all ‘scouse’ (which is the name of the liverpudlian accent and also a traditional norse dish where the people of Liverpool got their name).The reason i wanted to go to Manchester was this:

‘I’ve been through Manchester, i’ve been to places there, but apart from that i haven’t really been around manchester and i haven’t seen what it has to offer.’

So, today my Mother, My younger brother and myself travelled to Manchester.

We arrived around quarter to twelve at the Manchester Victoria station (a very big and victorian building, Liverpool Lime street is big and victorian but the glass makes it look more modern) and we just walked around Manchester going into shops and stuff like that.

We had lunch in The Hard Rock Cafe, which was very nice. I had a Chicken Burger and Chips with a Pepsi.I felt very American there because it was playing that American rock music (as well as some British) Guitars and stuff on the walls and the staff’s uniforms looked positively American too. The bar looked American and the…well everything looked positively american.It was nice the food and the guy serving us was helpful.I bought a Pin badge with the Logo on and i have a little flag they stuck in my burger’s bun.

After Lunch, we just walked around Manchester, looking through various shops and looking around.I spent a voucher i got from school on LEGO minfigures, just 3 more to complete my collection of 2012 olympians.

I went to a DVD store and bought ‘The big bang theory’ and i saw that coke in a fridge and bought it. it was £1.50 but its worth it if it was shipped from USA. The DVD is utterly hilarious.

We got home an hour ago and i’ve watched one episode of ‘BBT’ and i have been messaged by a friend who wants me to write a screenplay for a short film. Its very early days at the moment but we’ll see how that goes.

I will write soon and stuff. Thanks for reading

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