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This is a  quick update post to promote my arrival on the new blogging website My Trending Stories.

Last Wednesday, I was contacted by a website called My Trending Stories for a role on their website. What they offered me was the chance to collaborate, meaning that I would be posting new posts to their website, alongside a roster of other writers covering a crap ton of other posts. So I decided I would throw my hat in and make my own posts for this website.

The posts I will be making are a series called ‘Advancing Through Autism’, which is a continuation of some of the posts I have written this year. It will be Biweekly series covering my life as someone with autism, and will try to give advice and help to people with the condition, or know of people with the condition, which I wish I had when I was learning more about it.

This will not mean If you Ask Me is neglected. I have been blogging for too long to be giving up on my home-grown audience on here. I will continue to post on here, and I will be posting regularly on this new opportunity as well. I would like to think that If you Ask Me is an insightful blog which discusses topics that people will find entertaining. Advancing Through Autism will endeavour to be an insightful blogging series where I try to help people and provide the best advice I can. You can read my very first post right now, if you click this.

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