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I love photography, and the internet has proven to be one of the best ways for people to show off their photography work, and Instagram is one of the tools used by artists to get their work across. I use Instagram regularly, as I like to see what people post. Digging through my friend’s self-portraits, celebrity accounts, sponsored ads, you can find some good stuff, and if you dig a little further, you can find something great. I found something great, and I have interviewed the mind behind the art.

I came across honeyishrunkliverpool because of a few of my friends and family had liked some of the work, and what Cathryn Appleton does; the lady who takes the photos, is rather unique. Some photographers will take a picture of a landmark; occasionally from different angles, but Miss Appleton uses sites such as the Superlambanana, the Royal Liver Building, and the Lewis’ statue as backdrops for images of little models people at the forefront, telling interesting little stories.

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honeyishrunkliverpool’s Instagram account boasts 500 followers, with her most popular image being this one. 

To give examples, one image shows a waste disposal man model observing and attempting to pick up and remove a cigarette butt outside St George’s Hall. Another one shows a man in a suit reading a copy of the local Liverpool paper, Echo, outside the Echo headquarters. Perhaps my favourite one is of the tourists taking a photo of the mini superlambanana, right next to the real one. It is hard to describe, but it isn’t the landmark that makes the picture, it’s only the backdrop for the real action. Miss Appleton’s account has quickly become one of my favourites, and I am very gracious that she took the time to answer some questions that I sent to her, asking about her work, her interest in photography, and getting young people into photography.



1. What attracted you to photography in the first place?

I have always been more creative than academic so have always enjoyed making videos and taking photos. I went to uni to study Media Production and when I got my first student loan I bought my first SLR camera and I loved it! After spending 3 years in uni I started working for a large retailer as a Digital Creative. My job is photography based so working with my camera every day inspired me to join the Liverpool Instagram ’scene’ and upgrade my camera and it’s the best thing I ever did!

2. What inspired you to start this account?

I started out taking photos on my first account @_Snappleton. I love taking photos of the people and architecture of Liverpool, but there are so many amazing people out there doing it and I wanted to show Liverpool in a different way. I started to notice a lot of toy photography and just decided to put my own spin on it and give it a go!

3. What equipment do you use to take these photos?

I use a Canon 70d and an 18 – 55mm lens to take my little people photos.


4. Did you expect your account to get these many followers

Honestly, no! I posted my first few Honey I shrunk Liverpool photos on my old account and got an amazing response so decided to make a whole new account for them. In just a month it has had over 500 followers, it’s amazing!

5. I feel that your account is popular because it’s an interesting concept, and you use Liverpool for it, a city often ignored by people in favour of London or Manchester. Do you agree with that?

Liverpool is a city with an incredible Instagram community and I think that’s why it has taken off in the way it has. Liverpool is also a lot smaller than London or Manchester so I feel that is why it may often be ignored, but the size of Liverpool is something I love!

6. Obviously, you enjoy photography, as do I, but how do you think people should promote photography to younger people?

That is a difficult question! When I was in school we worked a lot with photography and cameras which really sparked my creativity. I think there is a lot of pressure on young people and photography is a great outlet for creativity and an amazing hobby to help you unwind.


7. Taking these pictures, you show a unique view of Liverpool, and you use a lot of interesting angles and perspectives. What would you say was the hardest picture to take?

The hardest I have taken was the first picture of the busker on Matthew Street, I was trying to take that photo for well over two hours! It was a whole new concept to me and it was difficult to produce the picture that I had in my head. I also underestimated how small the figures were!

8. What issues do you have when you take your pictures. How do people and weather affect your work, and how do you try to overcome issues like that?

Weather is a huge deciding factor when it comes to taking photos of little figures! For example, a little bit of wind and I won’t be able to stand a little figure up. But for my everyday photography, a bit of sun or rain can really make a picture stand out!

9. Finally, where do you see honeyishrunkliverpool in a year?

I have a lot of ideas for Honey I shrunk Liverpool and I can’t wait to put them out there! I just hope in a year time people are enjoying them as much as they are now.

I would like to thank Cathryn for her time and answering my questions. Follow her Instagram, and her twitter, both being linked in this sentence. I think it is an account worth following, and I think you would all enjoy her images as much as I do.

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