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Religion is talked about a lot of my blog. Whether it’s my views or the views of other people. Today, I have interviewed Faisal Koukash, a friend of mine whose an animator and he is also a muslim. He sent me a link to a Daily Mail report (Link: I felt that it would be great to hear from Faisal’s perspective about his beliefs, the constant scrutiny by the press, and also to help you understand what he believes in.

1. What is your religion?

A religion of Peace.

Which is called?


2. Which type are you. Sunni or Shia?


3. What does your religion believe in? As you said, your religion is a religion of peace. Could you Elaborate on this a bit more?

We believe that Allah is God and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the final messenger of God.

And how do you worship Allah?

We pray 5 times a day. This way, we show our gratitude to Allah.

What does each prayer represent?

Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening and Night

4. What is the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims?

Different belief systems i.e. how the Prophet lived etc.

5. How do you react to some people’s attitude towards your religion. As a lot of people have negative connotations, what do you think of that?

It was hard at first, now I just ignore them. As much as I want everyone to believe in Islam, it’s not my place to enforce it on someone. The Qu’ran states that people need to discover Islam themselves.

6. You sent me an article about Sharia Law from the Daily Mail. I have read it, but what is Sharia Law?

Basically Islamic Law. How muslims should live etc.

Can you give some examples of these laws, please?

Dress code, annual Zakat (alms-giving), behaviour towards other muslims and non muslims, Marriage etc

7. Why is there conflict in Palestine. Could you explain it in your own words?

Basically, Prior to Israel taking over, Palestine was controlled by Britain. It was called the British Mandate of Palestine. Britain gave Israel the state of Palestine through the Balfour agreement, or declaration. It was handed over to Zionists. A Zionist believes in world domination, not just palestine. They intend to take over the Arab Spring (the middle east).They are not Jews.

So the Zionists are not Jewish?

There can be Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists and atheist Zionists.

So they’re a coalition of people who are basically oppressing your people?

Pretty much. They are basically scum of the earth. We have no problem with Christians, or Jews or even atheists.

I understand. And likewise, I have no problems with Islam

 8. When do you think people will stop the hate against your religion?
God knows.
9. Anything else you want to say?
 I don’t believe in is that people should shove ways of life down other people’s throat. As for Islam not accepting homosexuality or Bi-sexuality. I believe (this is my opinion) that God made Man for Woman and vice versa.

Thank you Faz for letting me find out more about your religion. I believe it’s good more people understand what you actually believe in, instead of trying to give you heat. While I don’t agree with some of the Religion’s customs, I respect them, and respect you for believing in them. And the rest of you should too. Thanks for reading!

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