Beyond The End of the Rainbow


This is it. My last poem for a while. I wanted to write this one, because I believe that dreams are just visions. I don’t see any meaning in them. Its your mind playing tricks on you, making you want more, when you have everyone you want and need. And frankly, at the end of the rainbow, its just reflected light.

As for when I might get back into writing full time on here, I am not sure. I’ve had some bad writer’s block on this website for a while, and need to look at ways of alleviating it. It’ll happen eventually, trust me.

Beyond the Rainbow

We love, and we’ve loved,

For years, it would seem.

The magic of your first kiss,

Is not the same as it used to be.

We fight, and we’ve fought

For the cause that we care for.

But thought has little to do,

with the crimes carelessly done.

We live, and we’ve lived,

though the question is clear:

Do we truly live our lives,

Or compromise, due to fear?

To chase the gold and diamonds,

To seek the prizes that we cherish,

But beyond the end of it all,

The rainbow leads us to our downfall.

We plan, and have planned,

the goals and the things that we will have,

Though it seems, to me, we have forgotten,

that the now’s of time can deviate the path.

We dream, and we’ve dreamed,

Of wild thoughts and fantasies,

And placed ourselves inside a capsule,

Obscuring our own minds from the world.

We look, and we’ve looked,

But we have failed to see the crucial flaw.

Observing all the failures and the plight,

And ignoring success and the light.

Obsessing over the little things,

The wants and not the haves,

Beyond the end of the rainbow,

It’s just reflected light.

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