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I’ve not really been in a good place recently, I’ve gotten to the point where i have been really down and refusing to care anymore.I need to get away from it all.

The problems i have can be split up into four neat catagories:

1. I am working with Prefects who cannot work to save their lives.

2. Im running a whole building during lunch with 2 people.

3. I could have a lot more responsibility on my plate (House captain, vice and sports captain shared with another person if no one volunteers) on top of Prefecting, head of charity and exams.

4. I fancy a girl, i don’t know what to say, and it’s all a big mess!

And now i will explain these problems

1. As a Prefect, i have the job of running an entire building, letting people in, kicking people out etc. Where i am now is the busiest block in school with a Library, an office, the staff room etc. So lots of people want to come in and mess around in this block, so naturally we’d have a lot of people controlling the corridors, right? Wrong. Almost none of the team turn up so it’s left to me and a few friends who offer to help to do it.

2. I am running this Block with 2 other people, and our relationship is strained. Im constantly frustrated, as are the other two lads.We actually don’t have to run that block, but because no one shows up, we’ve been running it alone.And that means people can get in easier, we can’t kick them out, we can’t use force, we can’t control a big building with 3 people.

3. Being a prefect, house ambassador and joint head of charities is hard to juggle. especially with exams. I may have more roles on my hands, as no one wants to be house captain, sports captain or vice captain of Stephenson House.So i might have another role to add to the list.I cannot do it all.

4. I am interested in this girl, who i won’t name, and i don’t know what to say or do.My experiences with girls has been very unsuccessful, and might be the subject of my next blog entry.I’m going to try and win her, but i won’t be surprised if i am not successful.

And that is me, overly busy and the work is killing me, exams, prefecting, work, girls, people, i want to just walk out of this room, close the door and lock it, but i got myself into these things, so i need to get out of it.

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  • Firstly – tell your teachers that they’re putting upon you with all these extra “honour” jobs. It’s a no brainer for them to let you and the other keen kids do it as they don’t have to do any work themselves. They need to find/make someone else take up the open jobs if you’re doing stuff already

    Viz a viz Girls. Just be yourself. A boy chases a girl until she catches him. If she doesn’t want you, she’ll let you know. But don’t be afraid , she’ll be just as confused about the “what do I say? What do I do?” things as you are, despite all the bragging you might hear, at your age you’re all too young to be “players” with a gameplan.

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