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Well, I actually have done it. I have bought an iPod Touch. Officially, I own an iOS product. I have owned iPod Nano’s, but this is my first fully fledged iOS thing that I owned. With this monumental jump into the Apple ecosystem, I can actually review it and talk about it, and what do I think? 

It isn’t the first time I have been tempted over to the iOS camp. When I originally bought my Nexus 7 in 2012, it could very well have been an iPad Mini first generation. It was one of 5 tablets I considered, and was originally my first choice. I went with the Nexus 7 because it was cheaper. The Original Nexus 7 was one of the best things I ever owned. It was always smooth, reliable, and customisable. Its only problem was that it started to slow down after using it for a few years, and updating the software from 4.1 Jelly bean to 5.1 Lollipop (I guess the hardware gave out). I wasn’t angry that this happened, as Google and Apple are guilty of this with Software updates. The only other serious consideration of an Apple product was when the iPhone 5C was launched. I liked the Yellow one, and would have bought it; had it not been expensive, and eventually I would get my Nexus 5 in 2014.

But unfortunately, I could not stay away from Apple forever, and I am now £243 poorer, and one iPod Touch richer. I got a larger storage model, hence the more expensive price, because I knew there would be apps, and it is how they milk the money from you. To my credit, I got it cheaper in Argos, because I wasn’t going to buy it in the Apple Store for £10 more. I would have not bought it, had my iPod not broke, and my Music collection not expanded to what it is today. And I have a lot of albums.

Credit where credit is due, Apple’s consumer music products have always been great. I have owned iPod Nano’s since 2010, and they’re really good. I would have kept my old Nano, had some arse not bumped into me with their pram and knocked it out of my hand. I hate children. I should stop ranting now and get to my thoughts on the iPod.

It is compact, and thin, and it plays music well, and I really like that. You can tell iOS is a mature software on the phone, now on its 9th iteration. Android is only up to its 6th. It looks nice, is well developed, and has a hell of a lot more apps to get. That annoys me, when I install an App on Google Play, I install it. In iOS, I didn’t install Google Chrome, I ‘get’ Google Chrome. I find that mildly irritating. Then again, simple people use simple words…wait a minute.

I like the maturity of the system, it is reliable, and pretty quick, and there’s a lot you can get from a rich selection of media, from Apps, Music, Podcasts, Movies etc. But its too simple. I see people who love Apple, and I just use it. I think it is a highly overrated OS and platform. But I think it is very limited and simplistic. With my Nexus 5X, I can not only change my wallpaper, but I can change how my home-screen works, and I can alter the keyboard, the wallpapers, the animation, install alternative apps, and uninstall Apps I don’t like. Less bloat on Android. iOS has too much bloat, and you’re pretty limited in terms of customisation. You guys only just got Swift-key, we’ve had it for a while over here. No Jailbreak necessary.

Now, just because you can do what I mentioned on Android, it doesn’t mean that it is better. But honestly, if Google had made a Music player, I’d have gone for that over this. It occurs to me, I’m probably one of the few people who actually buys separate tech for what I do with tech. My phone, tablet, watch, and iPod are 4 separate devices! Give me enough storage and a big screen, and I probably could do all 4. But I like having it separate. In short, Apple is overrated, but serves a function for me.

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