Advancing Through Autism #5: Illness


These posts were written in 2016 for My Trending Stories. The originals can be found here. No one likes to be ill. Unless you are a sadist. The idea of someone who can deal with anything; work assignments, family crisis, girl troubles, running out of ice cream, and then being taken out by a simple organism, is something that one could equate to David fighting Goliath with stones. It...

Advancing Through Autism #2: Communication


The classic symptom of ASD is communication problems. I have said before that there are different forms of, and severities of, ASD. Therefore, it would be improper to for me to talk about ASD without repeatedly stating that ‘this isn’t the case for ALL autistic people’. While communication problems are no exception to this rule, it is a problem shared by all strains of the...

Advancing Through Autism #4: Friends


All Advancing Through Autism Posts were originally posted on My Trending Stories. Read the originals here. An important part of life, besides family, is friendship and companionship. Friends, acquaintances, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends are all a major part of the human experience. Autism makes it very hard to connect with others. But it isn’t impossible. To this day, I still consider...

Advancing Through Autism #3: Travel


This post was originally written in 2016 for My Trending Stories. When you are Autistic, travelling can be one of the more challenging aspects of life with the condition. I know for myself, I am a control freak and I freak out when things aren’t on time, or that they’re delayed. It’s the variables that stress me out when getting from A to B. If I am travelling anywhere, I...