Announcements regarding exciting new projects and things that I am doing.


I’m writing a book!: Planning


Yeah. I have decided, just for the sheer fun of it, to try and write a full book. I have practised writing a book before, but that was merely a short story. What I am going to do is, instead of create a dedicated blog for this, I’d rather chart the progress on this blog. I’m gonna take you on my magical adventure! DAY 1: GETTING THE IDEA I am lucky in the respect that I can have an...

22/08/13: A day that will live in glory


8 am: I woke up, my alarm that I set the previous night. I get out of bed knowing the day. Results day. If you are an adult, you may forget how it really feels to gain your results (I know I will eventually). It’s like butterflies in your stomach, mixed with dread, giddiness and fear of the unknown. Quite exhilarating. I got my envelope, and I opened it, the feeling of relief, joy and...

A few announcements


So there are two things that I would like to announce to you.  1. A new blog To compliment this blog, I have retooled my Tumblr account to become ‘…Askmeabitmore’. The plan is for shorter, and more light hearted posts to be put on there, updates on my work and my life, with the occasional bit of current affairs. Whenever I make a post, you will be able to get it on Twitter and...