Unfinished Thoughts 2


For some posts, they will be completed, edited, and published. For others, they will be left, forgotten and alone. These are 4 unfinished posts from the last 6 years.

Stoppt die Klimaerwärmung


Die Erde wird Immer wärmer, Dies hat negative Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt. In Deutschland und der Rest der Welt der Klimawandel einen großen Einfluss auf das Wetter. Was ist der Klimawandel? Hier ist, wie Dr. Johann Schmitt beschrieb es ‚ Wenn die Sonne auf die Erde scheint, erwärmt sich die Erde. CO2 und andere Gase formen eine Gasschicht um die Erde. Wenn da zu viele Abgase; von autos und...

My tech haul


Hello, readers. It’s been a while. I haven’t been writing a lot, due to general business in education, so I neglected my hobbies to have free time to do my hobbies. I have had no time to do my hobbies. Life sucks. But, onto the main part of my blog. I was planning on making this post a long time ago, but never got around to it. I uses a lot of technology in my everyday life. And I...

First impressions: Nexus 5


So, I have now got a Nexus 5 smartphone. I got it on Sunday, and I’ll tell you that story another time, and It has been a phone I have wanted to get for some time. So here are my first impressions. This phone isn’t too heavy, but has a nice weight in my hand. On the front is the screen, a 4.95 inch display, there is also a 1.3 megapixel camera, for 720p HD Video calling, and a...

Does age have an effect on how long the flavour of chewing gum lasts?


One of my very first posts was an experiment hypothesis I came up with, to do with the colour of clothes one wears, and how it effects mood. I don’t do science anymore, since I have a B in GCSE Science, that’s as far as I am going with it! But I do have one more experiment idea. I got the idea from chewing a piece of gum when I was going to college. As we know, the flavour of gum goes...