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Raise the Steaks: The Packet Steamer


Here we go. Another Raise the Steaks review. Today’s restaurant is part of the Beefeater chain, The Packet Steamer. It is located near Maghull, Liverpool, and is part of the aforementioned chain of Beefeater restaurants. Service The service was poor. Granted, there were a lot of people in there at the time, but in the latter half of our time in the restaurant, it had calmed down, BUT IT WAS...

Raise the Steaks: The Black Horse


It’s my birthday. wooooo. And as the family tradition goes, we leave the house to have a meal at a restaurant of the birthday boy/girl’s choice. I chose The Black Horse, which is the subject of today’s raise the steaks review. The Black Horse is a restaurant/pub in Rainhill. I cannot find much info on it, but as most of my readership lives near me; you’ll be aware of it...

2 in 1 blogpost: LEGO Movie review and Raise the steaks!


So, we went to Liverpool today, myself, Mother, Sam, and Jane and Daniel (who are friends of ours) and we went to a Wetherspoons for Lunch, before watching the LEGO Movie. So let’s dig into another Raise the steaks and LEGO Movie film review! Raise the steaks: The Welkin Now you are all aware of the ranking system of my Raise the steaks reviews, but if not they are all below: Very rare: *...