Vegans: Some of you are WHACK!


Question: Are you a Vegan? Are you someone who, according to the Oxford Dictionary is ‘a person who refrains from using any animal product whatever for food, clothing, or any other purpose’. This post is aimed at you.

Mainly because I want to know your views on meat eaters. I was on Facebook today, and a friend of mine shared something (A different one from the Psychic rant I had), of chalk graffiti outside a McDonalds ‘Have a Happier Meal, and be Vegan’. I went into a long comment war with the page that shared that, and what really annoyed me about that page was what I percieved to be their attitude towards omnivores. The people who ran that page seemed to have a very holier than thou attitude based on their diet, and to me personally, that rubbed me the wrong way.

By no means have I any problem with any vegans, or with the lifestyle. I mainly have a problem with what I assume is a vocal minority of people who think meat eating is a crime. I know vegans and vegetarians disapprove of meat eating, but  a lot of the people I know never judged me for eating meat. Though most of those I know are vegetarians.

It reminds me in a way of PETA, except PETA make even more baffling arguments while commiting all of the above. PETA is a lie too. What really got me was how this page was replying to my comments with articles about factory farming and animal cruelty, with an emphasis on the life of animals. What do I have to say to that? Just because I eat meat doesn’t mean Im supportive of factory farming. I am for free range farms generally. What I don’t get is that we meat eaters have been generally (not all of us) respectful to your dietary choices, yet it is vegans (or a vocal minority of them) who seem to vilify meat eaters.

I eat meat, and I consume animal products, but I don’t like factory farming, or forced feeding of steroids to animals. I generally support the cause, but what I don’t support is the perceived holier than thou attitude that I believe you espouse because of what you choose not to put in your body. I don’t eat Pork, do I get a round of applause? No, because I don’t think I am better than people who eat pork. I believe that you and your supporters do treat themselves as superior to me and others because of our dietary choices, which I am personally against. I respect you for being a Vegan, but I don’t respect your attitude to meat eaters.

As for the killing of animals, well yeah we do have problems there too, and there are certainly better methods of doing it, but attack the right people. Attack factory farmers, not consumers. I am sure that there are lots of great vegans out there, some I may know and more power to you for committing to a lifestyle. But just because you don’t do a thing does not necessarily make you a good person. Hitler was a Vegetarian, what did he do? Yes, it is an extreme example, but you get my point.

If you think I am ignorant, please prove me wrong and be a better example than the people I’ve come into contact with. Veganism deserves better promotion than those holier than thou losers.

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