Countdown to Christmas Dec 16: Christmas TV Guide


You should know what a TV Guide is, lots of features about TV, Interviews, TV Listings, show reviews, Radio Listings, letters from the audience etc.

My Granddad usually buys the Radio Times, and every christmas (instead f their usual one weeks worth of listings) they give us two weeks of listings for christmas telly.It is the legendary Christmas double issue.

I suppose Radio Times should be the TV Times, but when it started (before the BBC as we knew it was born) there were no TVs, so we had ‘The Radio Times’ which started in 1923.The name being the only clue to it’s former life listing information for Radio services.And the BBC was a company, not a corporation.

Why I am talking about this magazine is because we, my family, bought a copy for OUR house! :O .And that’s cool, because (in my memory) we never have bought the Radio Times for our house, i always read my Granddad’s copy.But, this year, we have the lovable picture of the snowman and his snow dog (see my 5 favourite christmas specials entry) the arm of our sofa for people to read and enjoy.

Also, they ARE showing The Snowman this year.Thank you, Channel four.

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