Countdown to Christmas Dec 17: Little singers


My younger brother’s (and my former school) have done a christmas album, for some reason.So i thought i would give a quick song review, knowing that the kids will reading the future.

The song Year 4 did (the year my brother is in) was Walking in the air, from the snowman.I will gladly admit that i was not expecting much from these children, i was just expecting a little group sing song.The song then comes on, and i am blown away…

It’s a nice little solo bit at the start, with the rest of year 4 joining in.Holy jesus these kids are good, they’re better at me at singing.I hope they don’t start writing a blog like me!!!

But in all seriousness they’re pitch perfect, and they pulled off the best song on the album.I am not being biased, the other songs are not quite as good as the young ones from year 4.What my Mum and my brother told me, the girl who was singing was called Kathieand if Year 4 read this, i’d like to say ‘Good job!’ and to Kathie ‘You’re singing is wow, keep it up.’

My advice to the school is ‘DO AN ALBUM WITH YEAR 4, THEY’RE THE BEST SINGERS’.And that is all i have to say, more tomorrow.

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