Countdown to Christmas Dec 1st: The countdown begins


Hello folks, here is your advent calender on the internet.Open up your browser, go to and keep coming, everyday from today until the 1st ofJanuary as we begin COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR 2012/13.We plan to have thoughts and feeling on Christmas, stories, and all that other nonsense, maybe even a present from me to you.

So today is the 1st of December, which isn’t very christmassy at all.Its World AIDS day.World AIDS day which raises awareness about the HIV Virus and the AIDS Virus.

For those of you unaware, the two are totally different things, HIV and AIDS are not the same thing, but HIV causes people to have AIDS.Basically, HIV messes up the immune system and you cannot fight germs off, and it will eventually kill you.It’s a really nasty disease to have.

You can get it by having sex with an affected sexual partner (not just homosexuals, anyone), you can get it from dirty needles when using drugs or from your mother when you are developing in the womb.

Currently there is no known cure, but there are tablets which help your system fight the HIV, for a little while longer.If you do have HIV, don’t worry, you have not got a death sentence, you need to stop having intercourse, quit the drugs, tell people you have it and get treatment.Some people have been known to live with it for years, living rather normal lives.

My advice is wear a condom, don’t do drugs and if you have HIV, tell people.Another entry (hopefully more christmassy tomorrow)

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