Countdown to Christmas Dec 21st: Well…that was a bit of an anticlimax


We’re alive, though that is hardly surprising seeing how the new age hippies created the rumour in the first place, causing some overly ignorant people to have a insane fear of death.

Of course we are not dead, here’s a thing for you to think about: If the Y2K bug was supposed to cause global economic meltdown and chaos by killing all our computers, why is it our computers still work now, and the economy is in an OK shape, considering all the economic crisis we’ve had.Also, Christians.Only God knows when the world is going to end, People who are trying to predict it from the bible, you are morons.

And for the people who believe in science.Today is the winter solstice (shortest day of the year) and also we have 3-4 Billion years left until the sun’s expansion burns up the earth into a well done crisp.Also, If the earth was going to end I’d be unhappy because I would never had completed Countdown to Christmas.

We’re alive, Text Santa is on tonight, Christmas is but four days away, and the new mayan calender begins.

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