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Today I am doing another full album review, seeing as I enjoyed writing the first one so much. Today, I am reviewing Muse’s new album The Second Law which was released on the 1st of October 2012. This album is brilliant, all the songs are good, but some songs are very good, on the tip of being excellent.

In short, I like this album more than I like The Resistance, but let’s first analyse the songs. Now I wrote this post originally just over two months because:

A) these album reviews take time to write, I need to perfect and check and double-check my writing to ensure that I am using good grammar.

B) I need to listen to all the songs to formulate opinions and to properly write them down in a certain way.

C) Good things come to those who wait. Merry Christmas.

TRACK 1: Supremacy

This is a brilliant start to the album, a rather Bondesque song. It has drama, action and brilliant vocals from Matt, as usual. I’ve come up with the theory that this song was meant to be a Bond theme but EON said no and went with Adele’s one. It is a brilliant starting song and is one to head bang to. This track is an example of one of the ones I would give a single release.

TRACK 2: Madness

M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Madness. This song is a nice follow up song to the opening track, a love song which has a sort of mixture of Queen’s I want to break free and faith by George Michael, with a bit of Dubstep like sounds to it. It is a good song and has brilliant guitar solos. This is one of the singles that have been released, which is good, it’s a good catchy song to promote the album.

TRACK 3: Panic Station

This one sounds like it is off an older Muse album, just Drums, guitar, bass and singer. It’s nice to hear a song like this compared to some of the more electric sounding ones on this album, it’s refreshing and i like it. Also, it has a SWEAR WORD 😮 (The ‘F’ word is used once in the album. I have no problem with it, it sounds a bit like stuff rather than that, so your younger listeners should be fine).

TRACK 4 AND 5: Prelude + Survival

There is a reason why these two are being reviewed together, as that is how I heard the song when it was the Olympic theme, with the Prelude and Survival. The prelude has a nice orchestral sound to it and has a nice feeling when you listen to it (don’t know about you, but it makes me remember the summer of 2012, a nostalgic feeling) .Survival is good, the lyrics have meaning and the guitar sounds are just awesome, the singing is brill. This song is definitely a highlight of the album, but not my favourite song…

TRACK 6: Follow Me

This song is my favourite on the album. It’s a really nice song, with nice lyrics and i good beat to it. Again one of the more electronic songs, this song has a nice sound and epic lyrics. And also the story behind it is it’s about his son, Bingham. That makes it even more beautiful, and one of the highlights of the album. I’m glad it was released as a single, it deserves it.

TRACK 7: Animals

Animals is an example of one of the ‘good’ songs. It’s a nice song and all. I like the music, but I am not so keen on the lyrics, let’s just say this one isn’t in my top 5. It isn’t my least favourite track  on the album, we have yet to reach that.

TRACK 8: Explorers

This song got me by surprise. Normally, the fillers are placed near the end of the album, before a big epic climax (as seen in the resistance, and to some extent this album as well).I wasn’t expecting much from this song, what i got however surprised me. What i got was a 5 minute piece with a nice, soft melody, beautiful lyrics, with a nice message. I’d love this to be a single release. Nice one Muse!

TRACK 9: Big Freeze

Big Freeze is a good song, and would be one of the very good ones if not for its placing on the album. Straight after the nice and calming lullaby melody track 8, you get this nice and uplifting, but too ‘drummy’ for lack of a better word. It reminds me a bit of Epilogue (Part one) from Jeff Wayne’s Musical version of War of the worlds. I’d personally place it after track 11, i think it would be a better placing, if you listen to the album, you’d probably hear my reasons.

TRACK 10: Save me

We get the bassist to sing the next two songs, which was one of the reasons i bought this album. This is the better of the two. He’s a surprisingly good singer, he can pull off really good harmonies, i think he should sing more, i think these songs are more suited to his singing style. Calm piano like ones. I think that this should have followed track 8.It should have been track 8, 10, 11, 9.That probably would be a better order, it builds up the sounds progressively, before bringing them down again for the climax.

TRACK 11: Liquid State

This is my least favourite track on the album. I will rephrase that, it is my least favourite track on the album, but would be improved if Matt sung it. Chris is a good singer, but these types of song aren’t very good for how he sings, i think that Matt could’ve pulled this one off.

TRACK 12+13: The Second Law: Unsustainable and Isolated System

The epic climax of the album. A better climax than Exogenesis Symphony. I will say the reason why, because i personally do not like The Resistance as an album. The songs are good individually, but i don’t like it as much as an album. This climax is not orchestral, like Exogenesis. It is real dubstep. Unsustainable is an insane track, with all the dubstep elements, and the chorus makes it sound EPIC. It is just unbelievable, when you listen to it first time you are like ‘WOW THAT IS BLOODY INSANE’ that was my reaction by the way.

Isolated System is the less bombastic half of this brilliant climax. With i’s piano, and strings and percussion, and its voice clips, it is the calmer twin of the two, but just as enjoyable. It brings the album to a nice, quiet close.


I give this album 9B’s out of 10B’s.It is a strong album and my second favourite album, by Muse and one of my top 10 favourite albums. The favourite album is The Origin of Symmetry by the way. Please buy the album with your Christmas money, it’s well worth it. You won’t regret it.

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