Countdown to Christmas Dec 2nd: Advent calenders


Yesterday, i was at my granddads.Yesterday i got my advent calendersi got a LEGO Star wars one to share with the younger brother, a cadbury’s one and an M&S one.

I know what some of you are probably thinking, Ben you are nearly 16 and you still have calenders, don’t you think that it is a bit childish.To that i say, screw you.I play with LEGO, i watch cartoons, i occasionally play with my brother’s wrestler figures, i am a 6 year old stuck in a 15 year old’s body, with the intelligence of a 17 year old.

I do still like calenders, it is a guilty pleasure of mine, and probably a guilty pleasure of other people.If i could have any calender, i’d have one of those cadbury’s ones with them chocolates that increase in size, but i have a LEGO Calender, so that’s better.

For those who are unaware of what an advent calender is, who doesn’t know what an advent calender is?, basically it is, traditionally, a large card with a brightly coloured, sometimes tinselled, design on it that contains small numbered doors for children to open on each of the days of Advent, revealing pictures beneath them.The pictures are usually religious and have stars, or 3 wise men, or Jesus.These days, there are other types of calender, the most common being the ones with chocolate inside them, thought these days there are ones with toys like little wind up cars, LEGO etc.

My question to you readers is this, what calenders do you have this year? let me know in the comment section, and i will give you another post tomorrow.

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