Coutntdown to Christmas Dec 4th: How i hate the weather


When you think of weather and December, im sure that you and me think the same things, if you live on the northern hemisphere.Cold, winter showers, frost, fog, icy puddles, ice everywhere, and if you’re lucky, snow.

I hat December-February, because of the weather.Not because of the safety hazzards, but it takes away my independence. I hate going, i rarely go out in the winter unless it’s absolutely necessary, or the snow has melted.

When it snows, i am often stuck at home, i refuse to go out and this is because of my fear of falling.Ice slippery, i hate falling, i have horrible experiences of falling, and snowballs as well.Don’t get me started on snow.

So, if i had the money, i would be in Australia or New Zealand now, staying warm.I might even visit my American pen pal in Arizona just to get away from that depressing English weather.And that’s my little rant over, more tomorrow.

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