Do colours really affect your mood and emotions?


Hello all, here’s an idea of mine. I’ve been working on this idea for a few months now, and im finally ready to share it with the world.I have designed an experiment that will last for one year and test a question that i’ve pondered on for years. My hypothesis is that whatever colour clothes you are wearing has an affect on your overall moods and emotions.

To test this theory, you will have to wear a set colour scheme of clothes for one year, writing in a diary each day to chart your overall moods and emotions. If you would like to take part in this experiment then please do.

The things needed to carry out this experiment are as follows

  • 7 Different coloured T-shirts
  • 7 different coloured pairs of converse shoes.
  • 7 different coloured pairs of socks
  • 7 different coloured underpants
  • A diary (or a blog like this)

As for jeans, trousers, coats hats etc. make sure the colours are neutral to the experiment as you do not want false results, try and stick to normal coloured jeans, a black coat and black, gray and white clothes to accompany the seven different colours.As you can tell from all these clothes, your current wardrobe is no longer needed.

So the rules of the experiment are as follows:

  • Wear the clothes for a set amount of time.
  • Keep updating your diary daily, analysing thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Don’t mix colours and don’t change colours throughout a set day.

The colours you test are really up to you, but i would test

Red- Passion/aggression

Yellow-cheerfulness and happiness

Blue-Calm, cool and collected

Green-Like blue, but represents freshness and cleanliness

Pink- colour of femininity

Orange- Warm, welcoming. Also improves appetite

Purple- royalty, ambiguity, confussion and morality. Also linked to insanity                                                   

 i can’t carry out this experiment by myself because

1. I don’t have the money

2. i can’t look after the clothes i already have

3. Im in school 5 days a week so it would be impossible for me at the moment.

Like i said, if you want to take part then please do, or if you wish to help me then contact my E-mail

Thanks for reading.

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