Dr. James Stratovarious and the city of gold: Prologue


Our worlds are not too dissimilar from one another.We both have humans, animals, plants and buildings.But our world is different from yours and the reason for this is as follows…

Whereas in your world the Romans left and the dark ages began, the empire stayed and formed an independent colony from The western empire, they abandoned religion and turned to Atheism.And so a society on a small, rain drenched island was born. Many others cropped up in time, taking customs from Britain and forming similar societies.Without religion, there was no need for war or violence due to opposing views, we had harmony.

Our technology has advanced in the hundreds of years since modern society has formed, The Confederate States of Britain is probably the most advanced society in the world, having more land than other states and empires. Our President made sure of that, thanks to him India has become part of the C.S.B.

These times are strange and exciting times now, we are at war with another empire called ‘The American empire’ for the country of Iceland. This conflict has been going on for 15 years and our men now have the upper hand, almost as long as i have been alive.The year is 1885 and my name is Rose Stratovarious, i am the apprentice to the famous Dr James Stratovarious, inventor of the flying zeppelins which have helped us win the war against ‘The American Empire’.

My uncle and i have worked with the government for many years, but we have discovered a secret that no one in the C.S.B knows of,and we must let them know before we are killed by the Black knight and the first infantry division.Our story takes place over a course of 1 month and involves travelling from country to country to get the evidence needed to stop the President, this is the story of how we found the city of gold.

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