I, like many other people on this planet, enjoy going to sleep. It gives you the time to relax, rest, and recover from hard days. Sleep doesn’t shut your body down (that’s a different thing), but rather put’s your body in a ‘night shift’ of sorts, things are still working, but maybe a bit slower, your brain is still working, and that can leave you with some colourful images and experiences. Dreams.

When a human is experiencing REM (Rapid Eye Movement), that is when you experience dreams, and some last a few seconds, but some dreams can last up to 20 minutes, sometimes you won’t have a proper dream, sometimes you will. I myself, have had a few colourful dreams in my lifetime…

For instance, when I was younger, my dreams were mostly nightmares, and that left me with some bad childhood memories. I had reoccurring dreams about ‘the bad lady’, and she was blue, blue skin and indigo hair, and red lipstick, I remember her having a fringe and looking sort of young, and she ate little boy, like me. ‘I’m the bad lady, and I’m going to eat you’ she would say before she proceeded to eat me. I was 2 or 3 when these dreams started, you can imagine what effects it had on me. I was terrified. And I kept having these dreams, always in different locations, and the same thing happened, she’d eat me. I last dreamt of her when I was 6 or 7, and I said I would ‘kill her’ in my dream, and I did, well in the dream state. I never dreamt of her again.

The dreams after that, were pretty weird, here are brief examples:

-I jumped into a swimming pool and fell into my bed, in full swimming gear.

-I had a giant cookie.

-I nearly kissed my first crush, then I was woke up. Dissapointed.

-I fell down a giant portal, jumping from my kitchen to another place. That was a bad lady one, I wasn’t eaten though.

-Wandering around my old school in my pyjamas.

-My Mum with a bunch of babies.

-My Mum, Dad and other children were zombies and they took me out of my room. I actually already woke up from a separate dream. DREAMCEPTION!!!

– I was alone in a bath, I got out, and the rest of the house was dark, so I jumped down the stairs.

-Me alone in a white void.

-Being pulled into a TV Screen (A bad Lady dream). On Sky News.

-A computer was shouting at me. In a Microsoft Sam like voice but female.

– Singing Chris Jehrico’s theme and meeting the Nostalgia critic.

-Though not my dream, someone dreamt I got drunk and had to take me home.

Moral: Dreams are weird.

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