This one is my 100th post for the ‘If you ask me…’ blog, hooray me.For the last 8-9 months, I have shared my opinion on music, religion, my life, Christmas, and this one is about Easter. I’d just like to use this bold section (The context paragraph, which I put in bold so it) to thank those of who who have read either one post, or have been reading since I started this website last year.

Anyway, yesterday was Easter sunday, which as we all know is the holiday celebrating the rebirth of Jesus after he was killed by Romans.As I am not religious, I don’t really celebrate the life of a long haired Jewish hippy, but I do still celebrate Easter. On Saturday, WHICH WAS WHEN THE FUN BEGAN!, I went to my Nan’s house to exchange Easter gifts, we gave her some Daffodils. From my Nan I got a Cadbury’s Buttons Easter Egg (Which I have now eaten).

Sunday we had an Easter Egg hunt. I wouldn’t have had a problem with it but my Brother decided to awaken me rather early, at a point where I would probably kill him.We did the hunt, and I got a Galaxy egg, and some Egg ‘n’ Spoon thing, as well as some little bags of sweets. Easter Sunday was, on the whole, rather boring. My Mother went to work, so me and the younger brotherĀ  stayed at home with the Father man. It was boring compared to last year (which also happened to be my birthday, April 8th).

And today was April Fool’s Easter Monday-day. We went to visit my Granddad and Uncle, because we haven’t seen them in a while. I got 3 Eggs from them, AND A RABBIT! Well an egg from my Granddad, one from my Uncle, and one from my Great Uncle Colin. And a Lindt bunny (I don’t know who gave me that one, so I will share the praise all around). That brings me up to 5 (or now 4) eggs! HOORAY

I hope you enjoyed this old style blog post, with me talking about what I’ve been up to. It wasn’t going to be like that, but I suppose it’s a celebratory post for 100 posts, and I didn’t want to make a big retrospective, as they’re not interesting. Anyway, goodbye!

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