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So, a little while ago, you may recall that I wrote an obituary to my favourite cafe in my University town, The Cafe Red, closing down. Since then, the cafe has been turned into an evil hipster Burger Bar that I will be avoiding like the plague. Not out of spite, mind you, out of loyalty.

So, after coming to terms with this loss, it was time to find a new cafe. It isn’t like I’ve never been to any other cafe in Ormskirk, but there is a lack of good quality independent ones. In my search, I went to Costa (Too loud), I avoided Starbucks, because of a bad experience I had there, and I have been to Bramley’s, which is good, but it really isn’t that cheap, so its only an occasional treat. One cafe kept popping up in the comments on my last post, Eat Drink Love. The readers of that post were saying ‘this place is good, try it out. I love it there’ and these sentiments were echoed by my Mother, Brother, and Uncle. So with that kind of hype, you need to see what the fuss is about. So I did go to Eat Drink Love today, and what do I think? Honestly, its pretty good.

Now, this is coming from someone who has been regularly visiting one cafe for about a decade, and while not the same as the Cafe Red, Eat Drink Love does its own thing and it does it rather well. Rather than heavenly Belgian Waffles, their speciality is Cakes. And from looking on the glass counter, there was an impressive selection of cakes to choose from, and when asked what I would have, I couldn’t turn down a slice of Victoria Sponge. Alongside my cake I had an Oreo Ice Cream Milkshake, which was expertly done, and was a change from the usual fizzy drinks I drink when I am going somewhere to eat. The atmosphere in the place was quiet, and nicely closed off from the Town Centre. This was good, given the fact that the cafe is next to a busy road. And yes, the stuff there was reasonably priced. And unlike Costa, it wasn’t loud. I could actually speak to someone whilst sitting inside.

Eat Drink Love is a nice cafe, and certainly earns its spot as my new regular haunt. Mind you, while it does not match the intimacy and friendliness of the Cafe Red, nor the variety of tantalising treats that they offered, I am not looking for a carbon copy. I am looking for a good cafe that serves good stuff at a reasonable price, and Eat Drink Love is my new cafe. It has its own identity, and is different enough from the other cafes that are in Ormskirk, such as Bramley’s ye old Tea-house decor, or the chain coffee styling of Starbucks and Costa, while offering its own set of in house treats, just like the old best cafe in Ormskirk used to deliver. Good show, Eat Drink Love. Good show.

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