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Today;  the 3rd of August 2014, would have been the birthday of Esther Earl; a girl who was not much older than myself, whose battle with cancer ended just 4 years ago. In the Nerdfighter community (which I have become part of), we celebrate the life of Esther and her endeavors to support cancer research.

In November 2006 she was diagnosed with metastasized papillary thyroid cancer and had already developed extensive tumors in her lungs. She battled this cancer for 4 years, before eventually succumbing to it in 2010. Though she sadly didn’t beat the cancer, she did a lot of work to helping others with cancer, and helped to contribute in finding a cure for this horrible disease.She made videos on You Tube, she did charity work, and after her death a charity; called ‘This Star won’t go out’, was established in her memory. The mission of this charity; according to their website, is this:

‘TSWGO’s goal is to help families through financial gifts given with no strings attached. These gifts can be used for medical expenses, items needed by the child with cancer, or personal expenses due to the financial strain of caring for a child with cancer.’

I have said in a previous entry in mine that when people feel something should be done, then they should do something about it. Esther Earl is a perfect example of why this is true. In her short life and with an ever worsening illness, she still had the strength to give cancer a middle finger. More people should be like Esther Earl. She was and still is a credit to our race. I wish I could do what she has done, in fact I wish we could all do what Esther has done. Maybe the world would be a better place to live in.

The website to the charity is here: if you wish to help or give your support to their cause. I really think you should. RIP, Esther. You’re a credit to us all.

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