Fairytale Fancy


Fairytale Fancy is a new poem that I have written, and it is the first one I’ve written this year.

Taken away I find that books are good company,

As I read, reality becomes a distant memory.

I become one with the story. And the tales blur.

Jack and Jill climbed to find the genie on the wall.

When they were down, I was feeling up. Like the Grand old duke.

Returning to the Gingerbread house. Brother John heard the rain.

I slipped and slid, as the book took my hand, guiding me away.

And Gollum stared obscenely, as I showed him the map.

Taking me to Atlantis and back. Hermione was in tow.

Gatsby tossed a champagne glass, though I said she was too young.

And in a daze, I imagine. A love like Juliet.

We dance under the moonlight, but it is all a fantasy.

For the lord of the flies is watching me. With dead, decaying eyes.

Like the people walking past. Drones in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Into my tea I stare, a reflection of Mr. Hyde.

Imagining the queen as she dances in hot iron clogs.

Leading the children of Hamlyn into the pits of hell.

But I float away with an umbrella, Mary Poppins style.

Hitching a ride from a flying Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.

There was me, I, and my free drinks. As we sat facing the sun.

And I lived happily after and forevermore.

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