Final Countdown to 2013 Dec 26: Thoughts on Christmas Day


Well, Christmas day has been and gone. Hope you enjoyed your present here on ‘If you ask me…’.And now I shall describe my day.

Sam (my brother) decided to wake up at 7am in the morning. My mother was the next to awaken, thanks to my brother being excited and wanting to open his presents. Then I woke up, to see a figure standing behind the light on the landing, to which I said ‘Is that angel Gabriel? Oh wait, it’s too naked to be him’ (Sam has a tendency to walk around in his underwear).Eventually my Dad decided to join us as we went downstairs to open our presents.

I got:

  • A yellow Swatch touch
  • A Newton’s cradle
  • Barcelona 2012: Special edition deluxe disc set
  • Lynx Excite
  • Shortbread, chocolate, sweets
  • Family Guy annual
  • HG Wells’ War of the worlds
  • The bumper book for the loo
  • A puzzle ball
  • A ‘the Big Bang theory’ calendar
  • A ‘Bazinga’ T-shirt
  • Leather converse
  • Socks and Underwear
  • Where’s Wallly Pyjamas
  • Gorillaz albums (G Sides, D Sides, The Fall)

After opening them, I had Breakfast (Croissant, Pain au chocolat and Apple Juice) and brought the gifts to my room. I then got dressed and went on a walk, and when I got home, I found my Mother and Sam playing board game. After my Mother left for work (an hour or so) my Granddad and Uncle Niall came over. From them I got:

  • 2 Lego Architecture sets (Big Ben and The Brandenburg Gate)
  • A book about digital photography
  • A new belt (with metal bits J )
  • The encyclopaedia of Doctor Who
  • The Fortean Times Book of Strange Deaths vol 2 (sequel to the greatest book ever)

Little Samuel got a Nerf gun from my Granddad and Uncle. It’s an insanely big 3 in 1 gun. There’s a rifle, blaster and sniper mode. It’s a huge gun, and I was like ‘How the hell can he hold that thing, he’s only 8!’ . I then built my LEGO Big Ben Model and put it next to my Space Needle. We then sat down to a Christmas Dinner, with all the trimmings. I don’t like Turkey, but my family thought they’d play a joke on me and give me turkey and say it was chicken. They teased me a little bit with it before telling me. My reaction was of shock and amusement too. I was like ‘TRAITORS! YOU ALL SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES. Not you Sam, you’re cool’. In hindsight I laugh at their prank, and the turkey was OK (though after the punch line was delivered, I calmly stopped eating the turkey).

After the large 3 course meal, I went upstairs, to begin tidying up boxes, build my LEGO Brandenburg Gate and watch EastEnders. And now the boxes are tidied up, and I reflected on the day, this was a good Christmas. I had quite a lot spent on me, The gifts given have been or will be put to good use, and in this box room I sleep in, it’s actually more efficient to have less stuff. I thought it was one of my best Christmases in a while. Thanks Family, you’re alright!

With this post, it is the last Countdown to Christmas. But now, we begin a new countdown. Welcome to the first post of ‘The final countdown to 2013 Dec 26’.I will continue posting until New Year’s Day and then get back to a regular schedule of normal posts, and on the 5th or 6th of January, we will have a special post countdown to Christmas retrospective where I will talk about the entire project. Thanks for counting down to Christmas with me, let’s begin the Final Countdown.

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