Final countdown to 2013 Dec 27: New Years resolution


Well, with the new year coming up, I believe that now is the right time to be thinking about our New Years resolutions , and I have decided on mine.

basically, a New Years resolution is a goal you set yourself  that will help you do something which will benefit you, like lose weight (tried that, failed) or give more to charity (did it and continuing to do it).

This year, I have decided that my goal for 2013 is to become a more independent person, with the aim that by September that I, Benjamin Lewis Attwood will be able to:

  • Use all the household appliances
  • clean up my own messes
  • Be able to cook things
  • Not need mummy or daddy

So far the best that I can do is turn on the dishwasher, and use the Microwave.why? because I am a lame person who needs to get of his arse and do something worthwhile.Let’s face it, I cannot bring my Mother to college, I can’t bring her to university, or to my job, or my own family.No, I need to look after myself so that I can function in real life situations and my parents can not worry about me.I set September as my deadline as that’s when I will start 6th form or college.I don’t know if I will be off or when (some colleges let you have a morning, afternoon or day off) so I will need to know how to function when my parents are working.So 2013 is the year I will learn to be a domestic god and September 2013 is my goal.Good look Ben!

What’s your resolution? If you wish leave it as a comment.I do like to know.I will have more Ben goodness tomorrow!


PS: New chapter of Dr Stratovarious is going up!

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