Final Countdown to 2013 January 1st 2013: The countdown ends


Well, the inevitable end is here. the countdown to christmas/2013 is finally over.I have managed to give you people 31 posts (as you recall, wordpress troubles between the 28/29) from the 1st of December 2012 to the 1st of January 2013.

But this post is not about these blog entries (we will have that on the twelfth night!) but rather this post is to celebrate some of the things that happened over the course of this year.2012 was an exceptionally busy year and I have personally dealt with a lot of work, achieved a lot and learned a lot.

With this being my last year in Secondary school, this year I have started my GCSE Papers.For those who don’t know, they’re testing your knowledge on all your subjects (except for ICT and PE which are BTEC Courses) and will ultimately determine your future.I’m glad to say, all the papers I have done so far, I have passed with flying colours.So far, I have ended up with:

  • B’s in English, History, Sociology, and an Overall B in Science.
  • a C in Mathematics (my first GCSE Paper and that grade may change once I have sat my Higher tier paper, I am aiming for a B).

Also, I have done coursework for the BTEC PE and ICT, and also writing and speaking examinations for German.So far these are going well, but this is only the beginning, as I have yet more tests to do.I have also achieved a lot of other things in school, which are

  • A trip to Berlin in April
  • The Harry Potter Studio tour in July
  • Roles as Prefect/Senior Prefect
  • House Captain, Sports Captain and House ambassador.
  • Roles for the Anthony Walker evening (performing).

Outside of the School, I have been doing a lot more stuff.This includes many of my lifelong dreams as well, so this year has been especially good to me:

  • Getting poetry published in a book and a short story in the school Magazine (I don’t put this under school, because other people are reading out of the school)
  • My Art being put inside a gallery
  • Got a social life
  • Won a Blue Peter Badge
  • Started writing a book
  • Computer Kunst
  • Started  the ‘If you Ask me…’ and ‘Stratovarious’ Blogs

It’s strange to think that this blog only started in June of 2012, we’re only 6 months old on WordPress, and this was replacing the old My Space account.I think that the move to this website has been pretty good, the functions are easy to use, easy customization etc. And though i am not being paid to say this, if you want your own blog, I’d go wordpress.

And, I am done.We’re back to the not regular regular schedule (posts coming in random amounts of time).We have completed the blog everyday in December.I will give one last post on the sixth of January for the last of the 12 days of Christmas  which will be a look back on what I have done during December.Thanks for reading!

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