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So, I haven’t written in a good long time, partially because of laziness, and also the fact that the machine I have been using for the last 3 years, has gotten to a point where it no longer worked, due to overheating and whatnot. I bought a new computer, and I have upgraded to Windows 8.

The computer I have now an Acer built Revo L series net top PC. I bought it myself, so it truly is mine and that makes me happy. I now also have Windows 8. And…

It’s not that bad, when you get the hang of it.

I shall say, if you have OCD about the start button, because we have the menu, then either stick to 7 or download it if you have XP or Vista, ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE VISTA!!!!!

It’s very responsive and fairly easy to use, once you know how to use it all. I’ve only used it for a few¬†hours and I like what it does, and can use it properly.

One big surprise is that I am not using Chrome. I am actually using Internet Explorer on my own computer as the default browser. By choice. There’s two versions, the desktop version which is like the previous edition, and Metro mode, which has that metro design to it, full screen. I like the normal one more, down side is that they are like two different browsers (like chrome and IE) so don’t tend to share favourites and saved stuff on each other. Also, when I changed my desktop wallpaper, so did my taskbar to match it. Awesome.

So yeah, like Windows 8, it’s decent. Try it, now.

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