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I’m sure you know this story. When I was a kid, I was encouraged to read, and I read a lot, but I stopped. I have gotten back into reading, frequenting the Ormskirk Waterstones for new books to read.

I think reading is important. First of all, you cannot function in society without learning to read. An illiterate population is no good for our modern society. Second of all, reading expands the mind, opens up new worlds and can inspire us to do things. I wouldn’t have started writing this blog if I didn’t read so many non fiction books.

My friends have also got some similar thoughts:

Well,I adore books.They can create such good worlds and help boost imagination.They help forgot the real world for a few hours.Its amazing.


It’s great! Expands your vocabulary and can be just as addictive to read as watching Doctor Who, and you never get the good old-book smell from watching tv, knowing how much effort went into each page!


I think it’s great. You take much more in from a book than most other forms of media in my opinion.


What’s not to love about books and reading? Ahaha, books are boss


I like reading magazines and i read the odd book now and again


Well, that’s what my friends think. Yes, I do have friends. In addition to this, I had a conversation with my friend Morgan on the subject

Morgan: I like reading. I used to read a lot actually

Me: Why not so much now?

Morgan: I just haven’t had the time also nobody ever suggests any.

That’s one of our problems as a society. No one has the time to read anymore, we’re always to busy working, going places, and doing other things. Also, I think young children, while some are actively encouraged to read, are not encouraged by Mum and Dad, who are happy to let them play on the X Box or Computer. My brother is no exception, though he does often read.

I think it must be a generation thing, we did have game consoles then, and computers for that matter, but they were still fairly expensive (still are now) so we used to play with toys, go outside AND read. This does need to change in my opinion, get your children to unplug their X Boxes and Computers, give them a book, I don’t care what or how, E books are fine, it might be more appealing if it’s on a tablet. Just make them read, fiction or non fiction. We’re falling behind in literacy levels to all the other top countries around the world. Let us be the shining example. After all:

‘Books are the golden key, the key which will unlock enlightenment itself’Books.

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