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I am constantly reminded of the fact that I am getting older every day. I am reminded in a mixture of ways which I think it would be interesting to discuss.

First example, the first film I watched when I was 4 years old in the cinema was Monsters Inc. That film was released in 2001. That is 13 years ago. You know what was also released in 2001? The first Shrek Movie.

Since my birth in 1997, I have lived through the premierships of 4 Prime Ministers (Technically 3, but since I was born before the election, I count Major). In 17 years; we’ve had 4 Prime Ministers. The most recent one; now anyway, is David Cameron, and he has almost finished his first Premiership. Soon, we could have a new Prime Minister!

In family related news, my Brother was born 10 years ago! 10 FRIGGING YEARS! He is in his last year of Primary school, and I will be starting my last year of college in September this year. I’ve only been there two years, and then it’s the big step up to University, where I’ll get those qualifications,which I will need to get a JOB! JESUS FRIGGING CHRIST, DON’T I FEEL OLD.

I always find it funny when I look back and realise how long it has been since a thing happened. That is the nature of change, you get used to it, but it only feels like yesterday when it was new. So, when your mother is crying when you turn 18, don’t be embarrassed. Your mother is probably thinking ‘Damn. 18 years ago, this tall, handsome young man just popped out of me. He’s an adult now’

I never really got why we get emotional at these anniversary things like birthdays and stuff, but now I think I get it. It is commemorating the passing of time, and how things have changed since them. Like 10 years ago, my brother couldn’t walk, talk or be a master at FIFA 14. Time is pretty funny when you think about it. I know what I am writing just sounds like rambling (which it is), but if you take one thing from what I have written, then please pass it on.

Thanks for reading.

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