Happiness and Productivity: Why schools are failing. Results day rant.


‘All your life you spend your time worrying about results,numbers. I do it because i dont know any different. I think pressures that are put on people the same age begin to make us question ourselves.’

Lara hamilton

It is results day for many AS and A2 level students in the UK on Thursday. We will be queuing up outside our school’s and colleges to see how well we did. But is the pressure of achievement getting too much. According to my friend, it is. And I agree with her wholeheartedly. And I get really pissed off when adults think they know what they’re doing when it comes to our education.

Here’s what annoys me the most: What Lara said is pretty much how I feel. It is probably one of the reasons I have developed a resentment of the school in recent months. Being constantly told you’re not good enough is all well in good until you peak, then you get to the point where you’re being told ‘you’re not doing as well as you should’ and you can’t improve. This is why our schools are going downhill.

I do love school and I like being in it, and I don’t want to hate on it, but that is how I and thousands of 16-18 year olds are feeling at this very moment. I am not saying that GCSE students aren’t feeling like this, in fact they’re probably feeling worse. If you look at it this way, we’re being constantly put under pressure to improve and achieve and then overachieve. That is all well and good. Until you reach your peak, then you’re constantly being told you’re not good enough, even though you’re doing your best. That is dragging us down and bringing our self esteems to new lows. And it is probably the reason why teenage suicides are rising at this time, in England they are the highest. Down to many things and notably pressure.

The Government aren’t much help either. They feel that standards are slipping, despite more kids getting A*-C’s, we’re getting told that is not good enough. Grade boundaries are rising, and tests are much tougher now, and cuts to teacher’s pay and funding for schools is severely affecting our grades. Why do you think our continental counterparts are doing so well compared to us; Finland has the best education system in Europe. I looked at it, and it is so much better. Look for yourself:


Honestly though, we’re not happy, and that is affecting our grades. and people do not understand this. Being a teenager, your self esteem dips naturally as you go through puberty and the embarrassing changes that come with it can be upsetting to some. Adding more bad stuff to that is not helping.

Children need to be taught that being happy is the key to success. You need to be fully behind something if you want to achieve, which is why I am not continuing with German next year. I was not happy continuing it. People, numbers and statistics only tell one part of the story, it is enthusiasm which tells you the other side. enthusiastic kids, willing to learn is what will make the education system work. It isn’t working now, and it has severe ramifications on us, the students. Understand this please. 

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