Happy Anniversary, you CAT!


6 Years ago, the day after bonfire night, a phone call came from my father, ‘I found a cat! I am taking the day off to look after it’.And so, from our first meeting on the 6th of November 2006, i had a cat.Named Sylvia.

Well, first we thought she was a he and named her Sylvester.Her first few days in the house were filled with fear and getting accustomed to her new surroundings.Sitting on a DVD player, biting me, and Sam.She soon got used to us.

Soon, however, we noticed she was off, and she was getting fatter, we found out that Sylvester (Sylvia) was a PREGNANT cat.Renamed Sylvia,a box obtained with blankets and 9 weeks passing, Sylvia’s 4 kittens were born.Charlie, Lola, Badger, Bodger. Sadly, 6 days later the kittens passed away as Sylvia being only just an adult couldn’t look after her kittens.She was upset, those who say animals have no emotion are wrong, screw you!

We buried them, and┬áneutered┬áher for her own benefit.She was sad, but soon picked up, and she was happy again.We lost her at one point for a while.It turned out she was stuck in our neighbour’s shed.She was missed by my brother the most, who was naturally overjoyed at her return.

She has had other struggles, being a strong independent cat woman.Advances from Toby (our male cat, who we disowned for marking territory on sam’s bed and scratching him(he must have hated sam(i thought ‘We both share a mutual dislike, but he ran away(he came back twice though))) made her stay out more often.Toby dissappeared and Sylvia was back.

Happy anniversary Tortoiseshell cat of ours, you are the BEST!

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