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Happy new year, and happy new decade to all my readers. Let’s get on with it. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made news recently, regarding the ‘shock’ announcement on the 8th of January 2020. They were pulling out of royal life, and becoming financially independent.

Suddenly, news pundits were making comments, Meghan and her son, Archie went to Canada, and the Queen has called her family in to sort it out. This is a royal kerfuffle. Unsurprisingly, I have opinions about this. Firstly, however, I’d like to say that I am a soft republican. I don’t like the royal family. Secondly, I may not like them, but I am not unsympathetic. And thirdly, people are going to disagree with my hot take.

I say these three things, because I look at this story in three ways. As I stated, am a soft republican, and proud of it. Moreover, my belief is that the royal family needs reform, rather than removal. Privatise them, take away any power they have left, and make them purely ceremonial. That’s a start.

From that perspective, I support this move. Financial independence and freedom is what we all should strive for. As a result, it is what Harry and Meghan should strive for. Meghan Markle was financially independent, before she met Harry. She had a job. Harry had jobs too, in the army. Why should they get your money to raise a kid, who can fend for himself?

From my second perspective, I honestly pity the both of them. I think the attitude towards Meghan and Harry has been downright malicious and aggressive. The media paints her as a brow-beater and a horrible person. Even before this went down, newspapers expressed shock and horror at her breaking royal protocol. She’s not a born royal. That is to say she hasn’t been trained to be a royal.

She is more of a commoner than Kate Middleton was, in that she wasn’t in the modern day aristocracy. Of course she has been politically vocal, and used to doing her own thing. She’s not one of them. The focus on her father, leading up to the wedding was sick too. When this happened, everything turned up to 11. So much negative discourse from media pundits, like Piers Morgan, and Eamonn Holmes. Spoilt, petulent, and arrogant were their words. A cursory google search will see the constant tabloid blabber about this nonsense:

On my final point, and as a final note, to the public. They owe you nothing. Harry, Meghan, and Archie owe us nothing. And for a public that was so happy to see an ethnic minority and an American Divorcee, you have really changed your tune. That’s my opinion.

In conclusion, do I feel bad for them? I do. The Royal Family is an old, conservative, almost anachronistic institution. Very insular, and in need to entropy and change. I think we should let Harry and Meghan fly the nest. it may lead to a better royal family. One that I can learn to respect.

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