Having a brother


So, I have a brother. He is the second son of my Mummy and Daddy, and I have lived with him all his life. His name is Sam.

Sam was born on the 9th of March 2004 as a Baby. He was born with brown hair and blueish greyish greenish eyes. He likes Linkin Park and Minecraft and TNA Wrestling. He also thinks that I am weird.

Living with a brother has it’s ups and downs, it does give me someone to ramble to instead of rambling to a cat all day whilst everyone is out of the house. I see a bit of him in me, even though he isn’t as smart or as beautiple as me, but there’s a small glimmer of him in me, though im not sure what…maybe his sense of humour.

His main downside is he isn’t good to speak serious to (he’s 9, he know’s nothing of the harshness of teenage life), he has extreme temper and tries to hit me and he mithers me. Quite a lot. We do argue and fight, but he starts it, he shouldn’t disagree with someone twice his size.

But I do like him. I wouldn’t wish him ill health, as he’d give it to me, and I wouldn’t trade him for another brother (I’d trade him for sister, like I wanted). Sam, guess what? YOUR FACE! OH!!!!!

‘Can you get me two things from the shop?’ Sam 

‘Sam, i’m spending my own money, i don’t want to waste it’ Me

‘If you were a good brother, you would’ Sam


And this last bit is a clip from Adventure time which describes us perfectly. Im the one in black.


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