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I haven’t posted this year? Damn.

As many of you will now know, I have quite Coca Cola and Chocolate for Dry January, as part of the new year resolution to be a bit more healthy, and lose a little weight. I started this challenge 10 days ago, so I have time to think about some of the wings I have come across since quitting all that stuff.

The first thing I’d like to note is the financial benefits. I was spending a bit too much money on that stuff, and I was taking money out regularly, in order to fund what I can only describe as a habitual usage of caffeinated beverages and food stuffs. Since quitting the both of them, I have spent considerably less money thus far this year. I imagine this is what it’s like with Smokers and drinkers. I think Caffeine addiction is not well documented by scientists. Spending less money is good, because now I have more to spend on Polos.

The second benefit is sleep. I feel that since quitting Coca Cola, I’ve slept a whole lot better, especially during the weekend, where I will usually drink coke during the day. Obviously due to the caffeine not being in my system, I can sleep a whole lot easier than I have done in the past. In fact, I find myself being a lot more docile and calm. I am sure those who drink coke often experience energy dips, due to the consumption of coke. I find myself being less tired during the day as well. It’s pretty refreshing actually.

If I have one bad thing to say about my abstinence, it would have to be going into shops. Specifically going into supermarkets. Seeing the deals for drinks, and sweets and other confectionery (which I am not quite banned from, but I have cut that down). Literally, the first thing I see in a shop. Sweets and Drinks, you guessed it. It’s like they’re trying to kill me faster. Even worse, everything has chocolate on it! I see a cereal bar. Has chocolate on it. It is getting so ridiculous, I spent 5 minutes deciding which bar to get, because there was chocolate on all of them. Did find one eventually.

So that’s me. What have you given up? Any new years resolutions to share? Whatever they are, I wish you the best of luck. Happy 2015.

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